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5/25 Family

With my sister getting ready to have her fifth little girl any minute now, it's got me thinking about family. My mother, my sister and I all have bags prepared to grab, throw in our cars and ride in like the cavalry to her rescue when we get her call...isn't that family? I've got a whole slew of props packed and prepared for the little baby's first photo shoot! My mom and I went out to help prepare the house and nursery and before that my sister went out to help her paint. We're all hanging on our phones and keeping her in our prayers, especially those of us women who've been there before.
A lot of people have 'family' that share their blood or name, but they never quite get the concept. Families are there for each other through the hard times...funerals, sickness, tragedy or any other of life's curve balls. Family is also, and just as importantly, there with you through the great times...weddings, births, graduations, promotions, etc. They are there in the calm waters....school plays, weekend bbq's, Sundays at church, summer vacations and so on.
So many times, especially in our day and age, we forget to tighten up our focus lens. Our focus seems to get all out of whack and the next thing you know your job, your boss, your friends, your hobbies are all getting in the way of what's really important. Take the time, MAKE the time for your family.

Picnic in the park

take advantage of fun events

enjoy a day at the zoo

plan weekends with extended family
and road trips to visit the ones far away

The options are endless, you don't necessarily need money to do it. It's the most important thing in the world. Family. Be there for them and they'll be there for you. They (even the 'bad ones') teach us everything we need to know if we'd just shut-up and listen!!


5/21 Trashing our country!! :(

Imagine this...
You give me a gift. It's the most beautiful, unique, wondrous gift I've ever received. It's full of life, mystery and is inspiring at every glance. Imagine I take that gift and pretend to love it. I take all of it's resources and use them as I wish (never giving back as much as I take, of course) and then I proceed to simply take a giant crap on it!! Too graphic? Nope, just a perfect depiction of what we're doing to our planet. ...the pictures below are graphic, but necessary.
Seriously guys. I know I don't need to say much when it comes to this issue. We all know what's going on, we know what we can do to help reverse the problem, we know what we are doing that is contributing to the problem...yet our planet looks like this. Plastic is poison when consumed. The fish, birds and other creatures that eat it are then, accordingly, poison. So, knowing that fish is one of our healthiest food resources, why do we want to poison them. Or any other creature, edible or not!?!

Unbelievable. I cannot believe that the largest of the 5 HUGE trash swirls in our ocean is TWICE the size of Texas and deeper than you want to know!!!!! What's in them? Mostly plastic bottles and plastic bags. Pathetic.

Why?! Why are we dumping barges full of trash in the ocean?? That's right folks, the swirls are not there because of littering alone. We take barges full of trash and dump them in the ocean as if we have a giant flush handle that can be pulled.

Fact is, we don't. It can't be flushed away, it's only going to grow larger and more repulsive by the day. Killing animals and killing us in turn. Do you know how many cancers can be linked to the consumption of plastic? Educate yourself!
Use re-usable bags when you shop, so you don't have to use plastic ones. Plastic bags are actually illegal in a lot of countries and in others they charge you to use them. Why aren't we following the example? Are we 'eco-friendly' only when it's hip?...like 'green' baby clothes and fashionable 'green' home products?? I think we can do better.
RECYCLE!!! Do not throw anything away that can 1)be recycled through your city's recycling program or 2)that somebody else could get use out of. The picture above is a set of bins that a neighbor of mine had out with the trash cans (along with an un-damaged drum set and several other perfectly usable items) to be picked up, toted away to the dump and either buried or dumped in the ocean. Should I be ashamed that I saw it's potential and nabbed it, cleaned it up and used it myself? NO WAY!!! I would be far more ashamed to just carelessly throw it out, not considering for a minute where it will go or what/who it will affect once it left my curb.
Why are we so irresponsible? I mean, why are there thousands of gallons of oil spilling into the ocean?

Why are there practically new continents made from trash?! I don't know, but it makes me sad for my child and the generations to come. We've selfishly screwed the people we're supposed to be looking out for out of a healthy, happy planet to live on.


5/6 I'm boycotting the Arizona boycott!!!

No, I do not think that American citizens should have to pay for those living in the country illegally. However, I DO think we're making it next to impossible for those who do want to become citizens to do so!! They have to go through a ridiculous process that entails going back to Mexico and waiting for some papers, yada yada yada....how many of you have the money to just pick up and go to Mexico for an indefinite vacation?? If you've been to Mexico and stepped off of your plush resort, you know EXACTLY why these people want to be here! Isn't America supposed to be the land of opportunity?

Yes, I realize that there are violence issues and crime rates that have been affected by illegal immigration. What I also realize is that when compared to the amount of violence our very own citizens cause and are responsible for in this country, there is no comparison! Of course, the media throws out all the stories and statistics and gets America all riled up with violence and biased opinions. Shame we aren't always so concerned about citizenship...

Are they taking American jobs? Folks you're not going to like me after this one...NO!!! They are not 'taking jobs from Americans' Check out your local unemployment lines and tell me who you see there. You'll see Americans who could be in line for a job interview, who could be asking anyone and everyone for a job or a chance to earn money in exchange for hard work...but aren't. The jobs that are being 'taken' by illegal immigrants are the jobs that AMERICANS WON'T DO!! They're the jobs that wouldn't get done unless they did them. If all illegal immigrants quit working for one day only, this country would be in a hurting place and we'd all notice the difference in some way.

We need a compromise. We need to find a fair and far more attainable way for citizens of others countries to become citizens of ours if that is their wish. We need to do so in a respectable manor that involves treating these citizens with common decency. If that happened and the peaceful law-abiding new citizens got their papers, then we would have no problem disciplining those who simply chose not to. If they do not want to be a citizen, they do not need to live here. Simple. In other countries is it just that simple. But if they do, we need to work with them, not against. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." is engraved at our Statue of Liberty. Are we liars or just selfish. We CAN find a compromise!!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to get on the road with my hubby for a road trip. We're going to Arizona! We're boycotting the boycott. Arizona is simply trying to find something that works for them. We love it there, it's a beautiful state and a great place to vacation with plenty to do and see.... oh, and did I mention we're picking up Leo who has been there for a few days with his grandparents?!! LOVE a good road trip;)


5/5 Infant medication RECALLS?!?!!

CHECK YOUR MEDICINE CABINET NOW!!! Can you believe this horrible absence of quality standards?? The 'trusted' brands, Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl have let us down once again. That's right, this has been an ongoing problem and I've never been happier that I am cheap!! Well, I'm a label reader anyway and let go of 'name brands' years ago when I turned the bottles around and found that the ingredients are exactly the same. The problem in this case is the quality standards. Large, well known companies expect the FDA to be lax with them since they are supposed to be the best. The reality here is that since the FDA stays on top of smaller store brands, their quality standards are constantly kept up to par! The concentrations in the name brands have been found to be up to three times what it is supposed to be and they've found 'chunks' and particles in the syrup. Are you kidding me??!! Unacceptable....and these are the people you trust to approve the food you eat too!

catch the whole story in this article: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,591882,00.html?test=latestnews