2/15 Mangiare Monday...

MMmmm.....as in Meatball sandwiches! Actually, Leo's "Mmm" would be for the zucchini:) After snow peas, I think it's his favorite! This meal is simple and quick to make and your family will love it, trust me. Of course you can always tweak my recipes using whatever ingredients you want or add something if it sounds good to you. That's the fun part of trying new recipes for me, tweaking it just a bit to my own taste buds' preferences. My best friend, Bianca, will cringe when I say this, but in my house that 'tweaking' almost always means adding garlic!

-all natural sourdough rolls
-ground buffalo seasoned with fresh garlic, oregano, basil, pepper and grey salt
-fresh mozzarella
-organic marinara
-diced zucchini seasoned with olive oil and lemon pepper

Make your 'meatballs' more like hamburger patties, so they fit on the roll and won't be too thick to bite! Brown them in a pan until golden on the outside and medium rare inside. Add marinara to pan and let simmer with the buffalo for at least 10 minutes to allow the meatballs to absorb the sauce. It should only be on medium heat, so you don't over cook the meat. Cut your rolls in half, place a meatball on them with a little sauce, add fresh mozzarella on top and place them on a pan along with the top buns. You can add a salad to this meal, but be sure to make your own croutons in just two minutes. Dice any bread and simmer in a pan with a bit of butter, garlic salt, pepper and parsley flakes until golden brown and spread onto baking pan. Broil the sandwiches and croutons until they are melted and browned. While they're broiling, put your zucchini in a pan heated to medium and saute until tender. Dinner is served!! These pictures are of this very meal at my dinner table just the other night. Hope you enjoy;)

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  1. yummy! it looks awesome. I'm sure we'll be making them this week. we made the nachos last week!