2/22 Mangiare Monday...

My best friend Bianca, who lives in Italy, simply does not understand the whole 'American meat & potatoes obsession'. One of her favorite things I say is "I love meat and meat loves me right back!" Well, the way we were raised, a meal just isn't complete without a meat and potato course. I think there are some of us who would never give up these two items, no matter the reward. So, here's a different option that a lot of us don't think about.

Instead of regular old potatoes, try sweet potatoes. We like sweet potato chips, fries, baked sweet potatoes, grilled, etc... They have an abundance of nutrition to draw from, whereas a white potato has practically none. These are a great side to that meat or any other main dish on your menu. Simple too! Just cut your potatoes thinly and lay them out on a paper towel(to dry them a bit) while you prepare your oil. PLEASE try to switch to peanut oil or coconut oil instead of vegetable oils or worse. Now that we've switched to peanut oil at our house, food tastes like it's been doused in lard when we eat out someplace that uses other oils. Put your oil in a saucepan and bring to medium heat or just a bit higher. Test one potato, when it floats and sizzles you're ready to fry! Don't put too many in or they won't move around and cook evenly. I like to cook them til they are half as golden as I like, then take them out and onto a paper towel. When all have been cooked half way, go back for a second round of frying. This way, you drain some of the grease that would normally penetrate the potatoes and you come out with a crispier finish. When they're all done, toss them with a little oregano, some garlic salt and pepper and your done!! The sweetness works with the garlic, trust me;)
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