3/1 Mangiare Monday...

My friend in Italy gave me a great recipe for shrimp risotto and even though I'm sure some details were lost in translation, it turned out very tasty! Everybody in my family enjoyed it and my husband actually came home from work for lunch the next day to have some again! That's what I call a winner, folks;)
By 'lost in translation', I'm obviously referring to the differences in what we call things, but also the difference in shopping choices. More than that, she learned to cook from a long line of cooks who don't measure anything! So, she says "you'll know Tamara, just put enough". At first I thought I would fail terribly and end up wasting good food, but I tried anyway and I'm glad I did.
-Start your rice boiling and then get out and prepare the rest of the recipe
(the rice should be round...arborio, etc)
-With a little olive oil in a large pan, simmer your chopped leeks
-Add a little salt & pepper
-When the rice is done, do NOT drain all the water
-Add your shrimp to your leeks in the pan and add a little white wine or brandy
-Stir in a can of diced tomatoes
-Fold in the rice, a little excess water and some peas and let simmer for just a moment
(we used snow peas, but regular peas work deliciously as well)
-Season to taste
.....and serve before the shrimp are overcooked!


  1. ... looks exactly like mine :) PERFETTO!!!! Bravaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! B.