3/5 FOX Friday??...again :)

Well, I started to feel like maybe I was off of my rocker! Maybe I just had too much going on? I started my morning off yesterday with a good work-out and an even better cup of coffee and was feeling pretty fantastic until...My husband and I had to deal with an unexpected problem. It was one of those problems that was there by no fault of our own, but still had the potential to impact several important things in my little world! When I realized this issue may affect my sons birthday that's just around the corner, I flipped! No way, anything but that! On top of that I had several things I needed to do around the house and my parents were going to be in town for the afternoon and I was trying to meet them on-time. My husband and I spent much of the day on the phone or computer trying to rectify the problem and thankfully at the end of the day all was well. We were reassured that we have a great support system to help us out when we need it and those who wronged us eventually made it right!
In the middle of a day like this it's easy to get overwhelmed by the weight of it all. Maybe if I had taken a few moments to close my eyes and breathe, I wouldn't have felt that way? As I said before, was I loosing my mind? Was I that out of touch? I was so proud of myself for handling the day and all it's duties AND still staying on task enough to write and post the days blog! It would've really been terrible if I had fallen short and neglected to do it, right? So, it's a good thing that I added this task to an already full and somewhat stressful day...
...until around 6 or 7pm when, out of nowhere, the fact that it was Thursday popped into my head and along with that fact the realization that Thursday is an optional blog day and that I had entitled my blog FOX Friday!!!! Oh my gosh! How embarrassing, right?! I guess, but when I looked at the number of people who read the blog and even commented on it on the site or on my facebook I didn't feel so bad. You know who you are, did you even notice? If you did, shame on you for not saying something! I bet you're the type that would let me talk to you for an hour with spinach in my teeth, hahaaaaa.

The moral of the story? Take it easy, slow down and everything will go much more smoothly. Stressing out doesn't help anyone and laughter at the end of a tough day is DEFINITELY the best medicine....even if it's laughing at yourself:)

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