3/2 Healthy living now, for the future...

Watch this video and see what ya think! My father-in-law and fellow health and fitness junkie sent it to me and am I glad he did?! The man in the video is pretty much a bad-a**, but more than that he's a true inspiration! He's a reminder that we choose our future. We decide every day how our bodies are going to serve us in our 'older age'. He seems to have all the bases covered too!....faith, determination, well balanced diet and an overall well being. It seems, from the video, that he has a great support system and is rooted in his family.
How can I be upset about getting a pimple, when I got it because I drank I giant Dr Pepper? How can I complain about a stomach ache, when I know very well the meal that gave it to me?! How on earth can I curse my cellulite, if I don't get up and work out? Why am I surprised to get sick when I know I'm not boosting my immune system with the right foods??
Now, I know there are valid reasons why many people literally cannot exercise or have conditions that interfere with a totally healthy lifestyle. I respect that. On the other hand, the man in the video is a cancer survivor! If we can do it, and we know if we can or not....we just should!! If the only excuse getting in our way is "I just don't have any energy for it"...I can personally tell you that on days I start with a work-out my brain is sharper, I'm more productive with my tasks and I have an abundance of energy compared to days that I do not. It's true!
If we decide our future, I wanna be kinda like this guy....you know, minus the whole being a guy and a pro weight-lifter thing;) How 'bout you?

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