3/23 Will health care be passed or become the past??

Who didn't see this coming? It's like a comic book, beside the fact that we can't just throw it in the trash if we don't like it! Honestly, Axelrod? The name reeks a villainous aroma! The country is divided into more than two sides, the President's not interested in what the people have to say and our economy is buckling under pressure. The health care bill will be signed into law in a few hours and there's nothing that can be done about that....for today.

However, something like 30 states plan some sort of action against the bill and it seems as though they'll succeed. It WILL be repealed. There are too many people against it! They were able to fund enough executive vacations, state foundations/projects, etc to get the 216 needed, but they had to know that here, in America, the PEOPLE make the decisions! If we refer to the earliest documents that we created and built this country on, we'll be reminded that the people are supposed to be in charge. Which is why Obama keeps saying he's doing this "for the people"...that's a phrase that's instinctively attractive to all Americans.

I know there are a great many who do indeed want this bill passed and for completely valid reasons. There are a lot of really fantastic points and changes that would actually be good to carry over to a new bill, made and agreed upon by the people. The very fact that there was complete unwillingness to come to some sort of middle ground and that the race to sign the bill was made in record time should be alarming us all. My instincts tell me that means something stinks! I'm not completely for or against the entire bill. I am for a bill that encompasses a more objective and fair layout. All sides of the issue need to voice an opinion and a fair balance needs to be reached. All sides refusing to budge is immature and fruitless.

What are we? North & south? Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party Patriots???...or are we AMERICANS?! Lets get our heads together, come to a peaceful conclusion and remain united. With all the up rise and terrorism, etc going on in the world and especially against America, we need to be on top of our game. We need to be using our funds, intelligence and time and keeping this country protected and free. I hope the Supreme Court ends up declaring this bill unconstitutional and we can start over fresh or freedom might become a term of the past.

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