2/8 Mangiare Monday...

Well, today I'm just going to share a recipe with you to show you how easy it is to prepare foods you love healthfully!...and share a little about why you should;) Last night, I made these nachos for my husband and I to munch on during the Super Bowl. Since there wasn't a crumb left, I'm assuming he thought they were just as delicious as I did! Seemingly normal looking, these nachos are filled with surprises;

-organic blue corn chips
-colby jack cheese (ours is from the same folks we get our milk)
-ground buffalo (seasoned with chili powder, cayenne and garlic salt)
-organic jalapenos and tomatoes
-salsa (we make our own from organic ingredients)

We choose to eat buffalo at our house a lot of times over beef just because we love the taste and tenderness and it's a leaner meat. When we do eat beef, it's grass-fed which, beside the health benefits, is just a more tender, leaner meat. Just as we resemble what we eat, so do animals. With cattle, an even scarier villain is lurking. E coli showed it's ugly face in our country due to severe uncleanliness in the slaughterhouses. Commercial cattle are covered, literally, in their own feces when they reach the houses and do you think in today's economy there is a person giving each one a bath before it's demise?? That's why I prefer cattle/buffalo that were never covered in their own crap to begin with! It's the same with chicken. Most of the chicken available in stores was raised never seeing a second of daylight, genetically modified to grow to full size in weeks and was 'lucky' to make it to the slaughterhouse before dying of a heart attack or their bodies just collapsing from being too young to handle their own size!! YUMMY!...sounds delicious right?
Use the local farmers link under my links list to find resources for milk, cheese, produce, etc.... Our reasoning, beside supporting our local economy, is simply so that when we drink milk, we're ONLY drinking milk. When we eat cheese, it's JUST cheese. Our vegetables and fruits won't be covered in pesticides. Even the blue corn chips we used only had about 3 or 4 ingredients instead of 20. I never learned about the hydrogenated oils section of the nutrition pyramid or the 'unpronounceable chemical' section either! Why ingest things we can't even pronounce?! Food will taste like food again and you'll love it!

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  1. It looks soooo yummy! Why didn't I think of nachos!