2/6 Photo-Op!

I'm famous for saying, "hey, this is a great 'photo-op' !" My family has nearly been driven insane by the flash of a camera in their eyes, but they always love the scrapbooks I make, the photos of their kids I take and my family Christmas dvd of photos along with music is a big hit! Doesn't matter where we are or how many of us are together (up to 40 or more sometimes!)...there I am, lurking in the background capturing moments. I've decided to take my passion professional, but from time to time, I'd also like to share a Photo-Op! with you;)
...stay tuned for today's Shopaholic...

1 comment:

  1. You know we always love and look forward to your photos. And we know, even though it's wounds us grandparents, Leo's spankings hurt you more then him. You and Paul are wonderful parents, we're proud of you both.