2/23 Best thing next to bare feet...and more!

My ankles, calves, knees, hips, behind, back, arms and all the little muscles in between that I haven't heard mentioned since my massage school anatomy class are in a significant amount of ...ummm....OOOWWEEE!!!
Why? Beach Body Insanity Workout with Shaun T!! This guy is serious. More serious than I like to be at 6am, but I did it anyway;) I like this video workout because you don't need fancy weights or a stinky gym, you just need yourself and the TV. Also, Shaun and the people behind him are in great shape, but they don't look like normal work-out-video-bots that can be intimidating. They're in a basketball court with natural lighting and it's a relaxed setting as opposed to a studio. Well, as relaxed as it can be never standing still! Every once in a while, it pans to one of the people taking a break mid-circuit or collapsing during an exercise to remind you that it's ok for you to do the same. I'm extremely competitive, so it's good for me to be reminded that if I do 38 instead of 40 side-to-sides, everything will be ok;)
I wanted to quit about 2 minutes in, then 10, then 30 and then 45 minutes was over and I was still alive...no matter how many times I told my husband I was going to die!! I found myself saying "I CAN'T do this" and then immediately thinking how I tell Leo that 'can't' is a bad word in our house. How can I tell my son that "we don't say can't in our family" and then say it myself? I'm able-bodied and there is no reason I cannot '...do all things through Him who strengthens me' !! And I DID:)

You'll notice though that my feet did not make that list of aching parts and the reason for that is my new kicks! Vibram 5 Fingers. I would rather be barefoot at ANY point in the day. These shoes allow me to do that during exercise, outside, at the store, everywhere. They are a smart choice for those of us with feet issues. Ok, so you asked to hear some of my faults? Bunions!!! Thanks a lot Mom or should I blame Grandma?! These feet take a beating. I like hot pink stilettos as much as any girl or a nice pair of high-heeled boots! Oo-la-la:) Isn't it only fair to my feet to treat them to these ergonomically correct wonderlands?! The company advertises that they are the next best thing to bare feet and I, as a self-proclaimed bare-foot connoisseur, can honestly say, they ARE!
So, there you have it. Two things that come highly recommended by me, if that means anything to ya. I should have a Beach Body right in time for bikini season! Check out the video and maybe you'll want to join me;)

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