3/8 Mangiare Monday #2...recipe for healing

There are things that come from our earth and the creatures on it that are so amazing and wonderful that the uses seem endless. Honey is one of those things! Find honey harvested in your area and you'll be sure to ward off seasonal allergies. Honey can be used to prevent bed-wetting in children. It can be used as a healing agent and an antibiotic. Use it for your heart, migraines...even conjunctivitis! This link http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/articles/Health-benefits-of-honey.html gives you a lot of valuable information on this miracle of nature. My favorite use will always be drizzled on top of creamy peanut butter on toast, but I cannot deny the vast number of benefits we can enjoy from this delicious resource.
Ok, so don't scroll down if you have a weak stomach....really, I mean it. I took in a bunny with a horrific, severe case of ear mites. The bunny's ears were rotting and so heavy with crusts that it couldn't lift them itself. She whined terribly when you touched them and so I called a non-profit rabbit shelter for some advice. (Using non-profit facilities is a good way to acquire information on natural remedies. They aren't trying to make money off of you by selling you chemical medications, so they want to help you help the animal in a frugal manor. Natural remedies are safer as well, especially for small animals.)
Following their advice I 'drowned' the ear mites with 1T mineral oil in each ear. After about an hour of letting that work, I covered the ears with honey. The very next day, every single crust was gone. I kept applying honey in the days that followed and, even though her ears were covered in sores where the crusts had fallen off, she developed NO infections. In less than a weeks time, more like 4 days, her ears were completely healed. These two pictures below were taken less than a week apart. The bunny is more active now and has even grown a bit and enjoys holding her ears straight up!

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