2/1 Mangiare Monday

Happy Monday and welcome to my first addition of Mangiare Monday! With diseases like cancer, diabetes and, yes, obesity running rampant in our country, we owe it to ourselves and our families to seriously assess the way we're eating. These bodies we have are a blessing and we should show our appreciation by treating them with respect. I couldn't possibly fit all of my thoughts and views into today's blog which is why I'll be back talking about this every Monday:)

The first thing we can do is make sure what we're eating is actually food. You might say "if I'm eating it, it's food right?" NO!!!!! In fact, if it's from the center isles of the grocery store, chances are it's probably not. You want foods with no ingredients list (ie. apple, lettuce, 100% fruit juice), but if there is a list, you want to know what everything is and ask yourself if your grandmother would recognize it as food. If you don't eliminate anything from your diet except partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose syrups you'll be making LEAPS & BOUNDS toward healthier living! Our bodies don't even know how to process them!! Eating naturally and organically isn't 'new age' folks! The space food we call nutrition is 'new age'. Really! If you think about it, your grandmother and hers and theirs before them ate 'naturally' or 'organically'. We've only started to add these poisons, fillers and pesticides to our food in the last handful of decades. It's sad though that already we have managed to 'un-food' almost 95% of what's available in grocery stores! Do I still indulge in Oreos, Doritos, and all the other terrible for you, but wonderful tasting stuff out there? You betcha!!.....but only every once in a while;)
Read your labels, shop your local farmers markets and health food stores(this supports your town, city, state, etc...not China or wherever else!) . Grow your own! Watch the movie 'Food Inc'. Cook more at home instead of going out, your family will reconnect. You'll find healthier, more delicious foods and a new-found appreciation for the the planet that brought them to you!
If you read this weeks Parenting Leo, you know we have our own chickens. Last night I used one of my favorite Food Renegade recipes to highlight those eggs Leo rounds up for us;) Only, I added some diced mozzarella and some ground buffalo (you could use ground beef too, grass-fed is best) PLEASE try it! I admit, it seems strange at first, but it's so delicious my two year old even asks for seconds!! Paired with a nice salad and a glass of prosecco, it's pretty darn tasty!!...besides, trying new things keeps us young right?;)

for the recipe:


  1. We can vouch that this a very tasty recipe.

  2. Wow! How easy-after a full day at work, it would be so easy to make. I'm not used to that food combination, but, hey, I love both foods used. I'll try it.