1/30 Saturday Shopaholic

Once upon a time in what seems like a far away land a long, long time ago, an extremely beautiful knock-out of a princess (please allow for personal indulgences) could spend her days shopping to her hearts content, buying whatever she wanted just because 'it's SO cute, please?!' worked nearly every time she asked her very giving mother and father;) The princess had great taste and loved all things 'fashion'. She grew up and set out on her own life's journey where decisions between a car payment or some new shoes were very, very hard! She got married to a handsome prince who liked the bills paid on time and money in the bank, the economy took a turn for the worse and asking herself questions like "Is $150 too much for a shirt?" just seemed slightly unreasonable! Trial and error isn't pretty, but is usually fruitful in the end. Looking fabulous and in one of her favorite stores (in fact she'd bought the shirt she was wearing there a few weeks ago) she was slapped right across the face by none other than.....THE SHIRT SHE WAS WEARING THAT SHE'D JUST BOUGHT A FEW WEEKS AGO!!! Only, it was about 75% cheaper! At that rate, she could have bought three more shirts. She left the store, empty-handed.

After MY wake-up call, I set out to find a more thrifty way of shopping while never compromising my personal fashion sense. That's when I discovered the beauty of CLEARANCE!

Listen ladies, hold your head high as you walk to the back of the store first or directly to the red signs as you're about to embark on a different path and you'll never turn back! It's not urban legend, it's true...the clothes on clearance are the SAME EXACT clothes that were in the front of the store just a few weeks ago! Call me cheap, tacky, call me what you will....It's fun, for me, to 'window shop' knowing I'll have that shirt in the window, and probably the one or two next to it and still have money left for lunch! All for a fraction of the price of that one shirt in the window. Sounds smart to me;)......try it, I dare ya!

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