1/29 FOX Friday

Was America 'intoxicated' by Obama? I have to admit, before doing my own research, the package he was promoting seemed like a sweet deal! I mean, gosh, he danced on Ellen and Oprah even loved him;) The point is, we did too much listening and not enough of our own research as a country and now? I don't think I need to tell you what's happened because of it. Our precious country is in jeopardy, folks! Big-time. Bamboozled? Yes, and we should feel a little sheepish, but at least you didn't nationally pronounce your love for the man in a heavily publicized music video! They call her 'Obama Girl' and she's a little upset. Watch this clip of her on Hannity and see for yourself. Just a regular girl, gorgeous and entrepreneurial, trying to make her way.....she's already thinking of a new video lead. Obama lost the country's approval and now 'Obama Girl'?!?! I'm sure this has the White House in a frenzy;)

Don't forget to scroll down to catch my opinion on Obama's State of the Union Address in the 'What's Happening Now' section!

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