1/28 Thursday is HER day...

Well, cabin fever here I come! With a winter storm on it's way promising to keep us prisoner at home for a couple of days, I'm less than enthused. My husband and I asked each other what we needed before we were prepared for the storm. His answers were something like 'propane, food that doesn't need to be cooked, flashlights, water, candles, etc etc etc.... Mine? Maybe not as sensible, but definitely as smart!

I said we needed to pray, buy some games and chocolate and I needed to make sure and have a nice hot bath before the storm came in and oh!, don't forget we need to bring in the chickens and rabbit!!

Since this is HER day I got to thinking about my list and how I was proud to have thought like a woman during a storm. If you break it down you could use my logic to face any storm and I think you'd do pretty good.

- Praying! No problem with asking Him to send in some back-ups to get you through whatever you're facing.

- Games? Finding the humor in every situation and trying to have fun in all you do is a perfect way to cut tension that builds during hard times.

- Chocolate. (no explanation necessary)

- Hot bath;) Take time for yourself, especially if you are expecting some stress. Relax your mind and body and take care of YOU, so that you can take care of others and because you work hard enough to deserve it!

- Rabbits and Chickens? Never forget about your friends and never NEVER leave them out in the cold. Remembering your friends when they need you will always pay off in the end when they'll be there for you!!

Quirky? Maybe, but I'll take my chances!! Have a fabulous day:)


  1. I love storms, because they let you play at home! When you get my age, the stress reduces - unless nobody checks on ya. Check on your friends, is right!

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