3/30 I'm BAAAAAAACK !!!

The pic above was taken by my husband, don't I look like a BA?? :) I took a 'spring hiatus' of sorts, primarily due to my computer being out for repairs (sorry for the shotty video last week), but also because I've had a lot going on. This is a blog after all, not a job and the best part is I answer only to me!
Leo's party took a lot of preparation, my in-laws are in town for a while to visit, Paul's grandparents were here for a few days, my sister Trish was here for a couple of days after that, we have a community garage sale coming up that we're preparing for, I got my nephew to jump in the pool in his skivvies in the FREEZING cold for $10 and tipped him $10 more when he actually did it, his face really says it all below, doesn't it? ;)

our trio of 'girl bunnies' practiced immaculate conception and surprised us with 6 baby bunnies, we also got a call to come rescue 4 wild cottontail bunnies and boarded and cared for them over the weekend until we could take them to the wild rescue on Monday....

that was all mixed in with MOPS, play dates, photo shoots, household duties and life in general....and guys, that was all just within the last week!!

The PC is back in action, I'm slowly coming out of computer withdrawal and the topics have been piling up in my mind. Lucky you:) Til next time...

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