3/29 Mangiare Monday...DOG LOVERS!

It's not only unarguably healthier, but it's actually easier on your pocketbook too, not to mention your dog will think he's died and gone to heaven!! Try this...

Meat, veggies and rice are a well balanced doggie diet. I boil the meat and then boil the rice and fresh veggies in the same water to retain flavor. It's simple! Just mix the rice, veggies and meat together and store in the refrigerator for your drooling canine to enjoy a cup and a half at a time:) Also, take a break from meat every few times and make some fish. They'll look forward to the change!
beef, lamb, chicken, pork
(cut or ground)
brown rice, long rain rice
green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, peas, spinach, etc etc etc
(fresh can be boiled and diced. canned should have 3 ingredients or less and can be added as is)
(scrambled works and hard boiled can be used as treats as well)
My precious pup loves it all! Remember also that a little basil leaf, some parsley, or mint can make your mix even tastier and can help aid in digestion!

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