3/8 Mangiare Monday #1...recipe for surprise

It's easy to get stuck in a rut, making the same handful of meals over and over again. Your family seems bored and can almost predict what meal you'll make, almost before you do! Sometimes, we have limited resources because of the area we live in and sometimes we just don't have an more ideas, right?! Well, an easy way to switch things up a bit and excite the taste buds of your clan is to put just a bit of a spin on any of your classic recipes!

This picture is just a regular old hamburger right? Can't get more American than that:) On the other hand, it's not really the same old over-grilled, under-seasoned 'hockey puck' that some of us may be used to serving up! I simply added some garlic, worcestershire, pepper, basil, etc to my ground beef and the trick to a juicy burger is under cooking it, because it will still cook for a few minutes AFTER you take it off the grill. I used slightly buttered and toasted (on the grill)sourdough bread instead of a hamburger bun. I replaced the standard Kraft cheese slice (which isn't actually cheese) with a generous pile of smoked cheddar and havarti cheese. I then topped it with a beautiful tomato, some nice red leaf lettuce, mustard and mayo . Any meal becomes more exciting when it's not predictable! Use this recipe or get creative with one of your own and I guarantee you'll have a new-found love for your cookbook. The possibilities are endless!!

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