2/16 Two Cents Tuesday...

Today I'm going to keep my mouth shut and listen to you! Partly because I want to make my blog more interesting and partly because I broke my tooth;) I'm going to the dentist now to get it fixed and it's in the back, so it's not that bad. I'll tell you this though....lollipops are meant to be sucked on NOT bitten!!
So, take advantage of this time that my jaws aren't flapping like normal! Tell me what you've liked/disliked about my blog. Tell me what you want to see more of/less of.....any questions you've been dying to ask, yada yada yada....I want YOUR two cents this Tuesday!
Alright, I can't procrastinate any longer, gotta go to the dentist. Wish me luck! :(


  1. I happen to know from personal experience that 'jaw-flapping' is a hereditary uncontrollable disease; no dentist is going to do a quick-fix!! But, as usual, you do it w/class! I really enjoy the wit, & graphics to prove it.

  2. Gee, I wonder who that last comment was from? More food ideas! And something every once in awhile that shows you aren't perfect. Geesh!

  3. Show a recipe that you tried that did not turn out the way you thought it would. A flop. OR a great idea initially that turns out not to be a great idea. Or a way of thinking that you had a conviction on that has changed and why a strong conviction is now not so strong or is now different.

  4. More about relationships, good and bad, what works and what does not work at all. Some music would be nice and food thoughts.