2/12 FOX Friday...

I don't know about you, but I agree with Sarah Palin that we need a Commander in Chief running our country. We don't need somebody who's constantly blaming other people for what's going on and full of lip service with no action! The same goes for all the other 'soldiers of our government', those holding public offices. Man or woman, we need people speaking, acting and fighting for our country who say what they mean and mean what they say. Who aren't afraid to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Who listen to the citizens of this country and fight to help them be heard!

Now, I LOVE a great cage fight. MMA is probably my favorite sport to watch! These guys and gals are tough. They are not full of rage, they train, plan and execute their strategies in great detail and with much work and diligence. They get right back up after a punch. They fight until the end, until the job is done. They have heart, pride.....I guess it's obvious what I am talking about by now if you've watched the news in the last couple of days and I think it's FANTASTIC!!

Chael Sonnen is running for Oregon state representative and I think he'd do a knock-out job! Watch the video below and decide for yourself, but honestly if he can fight like a warrior in the octagon I'm sure fighting like a warrior for our country would come just as natural and it sounds as though I'm right!

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