2/9 Two Cents Tuesday...

As most lame ideas are, the idea that women are somehow less than men obviously had to come from ....a man! Think about it. When you're a child and need help, who do you run to? Your mother. Women can hold the same jobs as men and then go home and be masterminds of their own households. There is a reason, or millions of them, why the saying exists "Behind every great man is an even greater woman". We can go out and conquer the world, bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, fix a boo-boo with the other hand, vacuum with our foot, yada yada yada....Even the Bible says woman shall walk beside man, not under him. We aren't as quick to anger, which could be helpful in a time of war. We come up with the kinds of solutions that help everyone involved, not just ourselves. We're thrifty, creative and always have a back-up plan for when we're 'in a pinch'. Guys, when are we going to realize this country is ready for a WOMAN president?!!
Now, I'm not a man basher. For goodness sake, we need them!...and let's admit it, we like having them around;) All I'm saying is maybe, in light of our country's current state, we should try something new! It's no secret I don't believe Obama has our country's best interest at heart. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, is somebody I could really get behind! She loves our country, gets that we ARE at war and there's no choice in the matter, she concerned about LOWERING the national debt and is ALWAYS looking out for us regular old Americans. She's less concerned about her pocket book and more concerned about preserving the precious values our country was founded on. She recently spoke at the Tea Party Convention and did a bang up job. It's comforting to listen to a 'politician' give speech after speech after speech and her views, goals, morals, strategies and ideas remain the same. Consistent, honest and ,quite frankly, as blunt as they come! With all she has on her plate, she never slows down. She just keeps gaining momentum and I want to go along for the ride! If she runs for President, she'll have my vote!...and that's my two cents for today;)
*check out the Tea Party Movement at http://teapartypatriots.ning.com/ *

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  1. I agree; some people seem to be thrown off by her working-man's language, but I find it easy to follow. I also liked Joseph Farah's speech at the Tea Party's convention on Friday night-he made total sense! Maybe we ought to watch these folks for awhile.