2/25 KILLER whale, who's shocked?!

If you know me at all, you know I HAVE to talk about this subject! It's no secret I'm an animal lover. I've had lots over the years, but my zoo currently holds 1 dog, a fish, a large cockatoo, 3 rabbits and 2 chickens. People who don't like animals have always creeped me out. I've been known to go home and get dog food and take it back up the road to a hitchhiker I saw with a dog. So, I understand the appeal of keeping interesting animals we don't see daily in a place where we can enjoy them at our leisure. Though like with all things, we have to draw the line somewhere!
I'm pretty sure that once upon a time one of these creatures did not just walk up to a human and say "I'm a KILLER whale". Humans named this animal because of it's size, habits and presence. Why then are we shocked when they exhibit the very behavior that earned them their name??
Below is a great link to a FOX News article on this story. In reading it, I was baffled when I learned that attacks on killer whale trainers is sort of part of the job! In fact, we see this in bear, tiger and gorilla training not to mention alot of others. If we know these animals are unhappy, why would we put ourselves at risk? This whale had apparently been exhibiting behavior 'like an ornery child' before this happened. Why were warning signs ignored? Luckily, over the years activists been able to curb the urge to euthanize these animals and this whale will not be killed. However, the lesson here should be that KILLER whales are just that. They need to remain in the wild and we can enjoy them from afar or through one of my favorite stations, National Geographic:)
Think of it this way. We put these animals, natural instincts and all, into captivity. (cage, aquarium, etc) Those places become their personal space, their home. As humans, we feel the same protectiveness of our personal space and our homes. Actually, we have a rule that says if somebody threatens or invades that, we can kill them on the spot. Why the double standard?


  1. Such a sad story, and saddest of all the whale will probably be destroyed. When will people stop taking animals out of their natural surrounding and training them to act unnaturally. Surly this is not what God created this great animal for.

  2. A man that my girls calls Grandpa at Jeff's work has a son who is this whales trainer alongside of the girl who died. The whale more than likely thought he was playing with her. They are trained for behavior like this. If you take these kinds of risks you risk your life! A very sad day for her family and extended work family too!