2/19 FOX Friday...

A public apology? Ok, it's only natural to have an opinion about Tiger Woods unless you've been in a coma for the last several weeks. I have a very strong one, but who am I to judge! We're all entitled to our opinion and we're even entitled to voice those opinions however we choose, but I personally do not know Tiger Woods and his decisions do not affect my life! Why on earth would he owe ME an apology?!!

Nuts! That's what I think of all the media involvement in the personal affairs of public figures, pro sports players and celebrities. Now, before you get all puffed up, let me explain. Yes, I agree that when a person is so widely known they should be aware that there are kids looking up to them and people taking example or wanting to be like them. That doesn't mean that their life has somehow become ours to toy with, invade or control! In fact, aren't we all supposed to be living and leading by example? He plays golf, he's not the Dalai Lama! If mobs of people followed any of us regular folk with cameras or got involved in our personal and private affairs (pun intended), we'd have a conniption.

Does it make sense that these two people who are going through a terrible time in their lives and should be focusing on their children, have to take time for a press conference and a public apology?? No matter their decision about a divorce, it's going to be a hard enough stage for them. The headlines are filled with questions like 'Will they announce a divorce?' 'What will Tiger say?' 'What will Tiger's woe story be?'....they've been showing shots of the empty stage where he's supposed to speak all morning long! The EMPTY stage?!?! That's news?! Disappointing.

It's disappointing because the media would only make Tiger and his mess as high profile as it is if that's what got the best ratings! That's what we want to hear? We're most interested in others hard times, mistakes, embarrassments, etc?? I'm not watching the news this morning intentionally because I think the whole spectacle is ridiculous. He owes his wife an apology. He owes his children an apology. He owes his mistresses(even though they made their own choices as well) an apology. Maybe he even owes Elins family and his own an apology for the embarrassment and disrespect, but he certainly does not owe you or I one at all!

Can't we be more interesting than this? Can't we find better things to fill our headlines with? I mean, do you want to get up on a stage and publicly talk about your biggest mistakes and failures? Every single one of us has them. Think about it.


  1. Your so right. Why should we care anymore about Tiger Woods and his mistakes then he cares about ours? If people don't have anything better to do then get all wrapped up in the lives of any celebrity, I'm sorry for them and they need to get a life.

  2. You've already got me hooked. I go to see the blog everyday. When it is not there I look for it all day long especially on the week-end. I think you should warn us if you are going to take a day off so we don't look 100 times for it. Keep up the work you already have a following.