Well, wondering what's going on?! I sat back, listened to what you had to say...all of it...and made some changes! If somebody could tell me HOW to add background music to my blog, that would be great;) Beside that, here's what I've done. The 'What's Happening Now' section is gone...it's redundant. I will only be blogging Monday-Friday and only Mon, Wed & Fri are specified topics. That will give me more flexibility with what my topic is. Yes, I heard it....SHUT UP just a little bit on my video blogs, too much talking and trust me, that wasn't too hard to believe about myself;) I also got the message several times over that you WANT more singing?!? Funny, I thought I was subjecting you to torture making you listen to it. Well, you ain't seen nothin yet!! I'll talk about more interesting, even taboo, topics according to what you've said and even show some mistakes and faults of mine along the way. I'll share more recipes and Parenting Leo stories....yada yada yada. Hope you like the changes! I'll always be interested in your ideas, after all you ARE the ones reading!! :)