Nora Jones' Turn Me On...

Tell me what you think! You asked for more singing, so I'll be posting songs every now and then that I might use to try out for Idol:) Let me know your HONEST opinion, it's the only way to really be helpful.
That's why Simon is my favorite judge!!


  1. Great song, great moves, great look. A little bit darker lipstick needed. We need to see the shape of your pretty lips.

  2. Really good as usual, but not quite as good as some we've heard out of you. told you we could be honest. Love ya

  3. I have to be honest and say that I do not know this song from Nora...
    I do agree with Norma's post: really got but NOT QUITE AS GOOD as it could be...
    I would like to hear for instance << On my knees >> or something from your << country >> repertorio instead ...
    PS - how many songs do you have to prepare?
    Love you

  4. One really good one is all I need....and sorry to both of you, but it will not be country!! Lipstick, got it! We'll keep searching, thanks SO much for ALL the input;)

  5. Hi I did like it and it might work for your first song. But I know you have better voice.Grammy T