2/5 FOX Friday...

FOX Friday is here and I couldn't decide on just one thing to talk about! So, I've narrowed it down to three...a link to help our troops, a comic in the making and a seriously silly story! Also, don't forget to check out Food Renegade under my blog list for great Super Bowl recipes!!
Wanna boost the morale of our troops and fill their bellies with something better than beef in a can? Visit http://www.pizzas4patriots.com/ to send pizza overseas! Thanks to these guys, our troops will be eating pizza and tossing footballs this Sunday along with the rest of us!! It may seem crazy to think that pizza would affect them, but those little normalcy's from home can go a long way toward keeping their spirits up. Check it out!

I heard a great bit this morning by a comic-in-the-making that had me rolling and the best quote went something like this...
"I encourage you all to stop watching politics on television and get on board..."-Obama-
Wow. To me, that translates into Mr Pres. basically telling us to stop educating ourselves and getting involved and just follow him like mindless cattle into the slaughterhouse! Are you kidding? I mean, he was joking right? Sadly not. The punch line to this bit? This president who wants us to back away from politics on television is also the same fella who has appeared on TV more than any other president in history by a long shot!
...badum-bum-ch :)

This next story baffles me and that's tough to do! A fourth grader playing with his friends at lunch-time was pulled, by his principal, from the room to the office. The reason? A Legoman gun equaling the length of a quarter and nickel end to end...literally! Even worse, the boy was nearly suspended!! The only reason he wasn't is because the news got ahold of the story. A spokesperson for the school admits the principal overreacted and it's true this should not have happened. There should have been a level of common sense, but is this really her fault? I think the bigger issue here is why she felt this was her only decision. If she hadn't it would have gotten out and then she'd be deemed 'the principal who allows guns in school'. Here in America we're fear motivated because there's always somebody there to twist our words or to be offended by what we do or to turn us in for what they think is wrong.
Not too long ago I was with my mother and my son in public. Leo was being terrible and I kept saying "You're going to get in trouble young man!" and "Next time it's a spankin!" and when he just kept getting worse I asked my mom "What am I doing wrong?!?!?" Her obvious response (and what I already very well knew) was that I wasn't doing what I thought was right for my son. This isn't a spanking vs. non-spanking point I'm making here, folks! It's bigger than that. I was basing my decision about what was best for my son on the fact that I was in public and what people would think/say/do. That's not fair to me, but it's especially not fair to Leo. Whatever you use for punishment, be consistent even in public. Your kids will learn you mean what you say no matter where you are and that's a good feeling for you AND them. It means they can trust you!
This extends to our entire country too. We take down crosses, because we don't want any trouble. We let criminals go free, because they promise a lawsuit. We keep our mouths shut about things we really believe in, because our friends have a different opinion. We let immigrants live tax-free because we don't want to face the activists. We allow 'capable as the rest of us' people to collect unemployment and welfare because they'll lash back with the word discrimination.
It's exhausting to try and be a different person around all the different people in our lives. So, let's work on being genuine! Let's believe the same thing in public as we do at home and not be afraid to say so whether it's politics, religion, etc. It's less stressful for us and a great example for our kids. Just imagine if we believed our government was being honest with us? Maybe we'd follow a little easier;)


  1. First of all, Leo being ornery in public, WHAT? Did you watch Glenn Beck lastnight? I put it on my fb link. We need to stay educated and we have to do it on our own. Bless those parents who have the GUTS to discipline their children in public and back off people, who think that they can butt in!

  2. I would hope that they would spank kids in public. It's better than spanking monkeys.