2/13 Saturday Shopaholic...

Funny and ironic, I spent today being a Saturday Shopaholic for sure! I had two of my sisters and my mom in town and we went to a shoppers wonderland called Affair of the Heart. Six expo buildings filled with crafters and their crafts. Everything you can think of and a lot more things you'd never think of, but for some reason just have to have!! It's a great place to find fun and unique gifts to store away for birthdays and Christmas for all the people in your life. I ended up coming home with a cute ear warmer, a new hat, a pizza pocket maker, a hair pin, some emu oil, coasters, a headband and Leo got a tee pee!! Beside the serious loot we all brought home (my sisters both bought furniture and my mom....she bought everything in sight) we got to spend the day out together with NO KIDS! My husband watched all the kids:) An 11, 8, 4, 3, 2 and 1 yr old so we could have this day and he managed to do the laundry, make homemade popcorn and PAINT THEIR NAILS?!?! Am I dreaming? What a glorious day all around.......pinch me and I'll deck ya! ;)

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