5/25 Family

With my sister getting ready to have her fifth little girl any minute now, it's got me thinking about family. My mother, my sister and I all have bags prepared to grab, throw in our cars and ride in like the cavalry to her rescue when we get her call...isn't that family? I've got a whole slew of props packed and prepared for the little baby's first photo shoot! My mom and I went out to help prepare the house and nursery and before that my sister went out to help her paint. We're all hanging on our phones and keeping her in our prayers, especially those of us women who've been there before.
A lot of people have 'family' that share their blood or name, but they never quite get the concept. Families are there for each other through the hard times...funerals, sickness, tragedy or any other of life's curve balls. Family is also, and just as importantly, there with you through the great times...weddings, births, graduations, promotions, etc. They are there in the calm waters....school plays, weekend bbq's, Sundays at church, summer vacations and so on.
So many times, especially in our day and age, we forget to tighten up our focus lens. Our focus seems to get all out of whack and the next thing you know your job, your boss, your friends, your hobbies are all getting in the way of what's really important. Take the time, MAKE the time for your family.

Picnic in the park

take advantage of fun events

enjoy a day at the zoo

plan weekends with extended family
and road trips to visit the ones far away

The options are endless, you don't necessarily need money to do it. It's the most important thing in the world. Family. Be there for them and they'll be there for you. They (even the 'bad ones') teach us everything we need to know if we'd just shut-up and listen!!

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