7/23 It's almost time!!

Well, well, well....here we are 2 weeks before Idol auditions and I haven't chickened out?! A room has been booked, plans have been made, shopping has been done, I've practiced and then practiced some more! Seems crazy, considering I've been saying I was going to do it for 10 years now!! It's time. Even if I never make it through the first round, I'll be proud of myself for trying:)
Something's gotta give though. If it's not American Idol, there are multiple avenues to explore and I'm excited to see where life will lead me next! My brain is short-circuiting because I've got too much physical and creative energy bouncing around and lack an outlet large enough to handle it!!! haha...

Really though, my life over the past months has been crazy and overloaded...and by no fault but my own! I've traveled to
New Mexico, Arkansas,
some of those twice or more and a few places in between. Along the way I took anybody's picture who'd let me! Snapped, downloaded and edited a ridiculous amount of photos while keeping up with my photo website. http://newdawnphotobytamara.com/
Tried to blog when I possibly could. Made time for friends. Crocheted my first blanket (which traveled to 4 of those states during it's assembly) for my new niece.

Fulfilled my regular duties of cleaning, organizing the house TO DEATH, catching frogs
swimming, building rocket ships,

reading books, cooking, playing, cooking, playing, repeat.... Which reminds me of the two weeks of lunches/dinners I made for my mom to get her to stop eating Nutrisystem.

Took care of/cleaned up after our brood of rabbits,
a couple of chickens, a dog, a giant bird and a fish.

Attended a family reunion dedicated to my grandmother with a gift project for everyone in hand.

Had lots of family pass in and out of town. Shopped, of course:) Offered massages gratis to family when I thought they needed it or even when they didn't. Created a family tree and turned it into 11 canvases and sent them out.

Visited Mom and Dad a few times and each time tackled some daunting task (ie: cleaning the garage, organizing the storage room (which has given people nightmares), updating and re-designing their company website, etc). Chased this guy around on a speeding dirtbike!
When I hear that somebody could use my help, my response is pretty much "sure!". If I have spare time, I fill it with the zoo, the park, a walk, a project...there's always project after project...
I just rattled off a SAMPLING of what I keep myself busy with, so do you see what I mean?! I can't stand sitting still and even when I'm sleeping my brain is at work. Like my dad, my best ideas wake me up straight out of deep sleep! Leo keeps me challenged which is a good thing and I anticipate every second of being his mommy.

I also want to show him that anything is possible and that 'gifts' are not meant to be wasted, talent is meant to be shared, time is precious, tough times are necessary to acquire wisdom, giving is a way of life and love is not an option.....and most of all, that he can always count on me. Taking advantage of every second of life is critical to accomplish those goals, so that's exactly what I intend to do! Wish me luck;)

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  1. I enjoyed reading all this... it just remindes me of HOW MUCH I miss you!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!
    Love you