6/16 Grandma Francis

My grandma Francis was an amazing person, no joke. This weekend is her birthday and we continue to celebrate it even now that she's gone by having a family reunion. I put this picture together and wrote the little poem in remembrance:) The house in the pictures is in shambles there, but those of us who spent years visiting her there remember it much differently. That's Grandma on the right playing her fiddle. She played wonderfully and taught her whole family that playing an instrument and/or singing brought joy to the world. At the bottom is a small picture of her and Grandpa when they got married. These two created a family tree that goes on and on including hundreds of us. What an honor to be in their tree.

I'm only one of hundreds you see
who make up your beautiful family tree
Missing you so and talking to you when I pray
I take comfort in your words of wisdom that help to guide my way
You taught me so much about the kind of person I want to be
and in my heart and with me always is where you'll forever be
Miss you, Grandma.
-Tamara Dawn

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