6/4 World Bank is going broke?!?!...what a joke!

Ok, now I know there are many things beyond my realm of comprehension, BUT it seems to me that we might just be getting dumber as time creeps by! I sincerely believe there is life on many other planets in our universe....and I wouldn't bet against the idea that they all tune in to have a good laugh at the Silly Little Human's From Earth Show!! C'mon, civilizations/countries on our earth are crumbling and our currency is the issue?

WHO is supposed to fill the 'world bank'? I don't understand the concept we have of letting people live in poverty, in sickness, in turmoil and even letting many many people die because of money. I just don't. It's pitiful! We have this paper/coin/whatever that we trade in exchange for things we want and need. Those of us who have lots and lots of it can have everything they want and need and those who don't....well, who cares about them, right? WRONG!

Seriously, I might be an idealist of sorts because I think there IS a way for everyone to live peacefully. If we really wanted to, but I don't think we do. We'd rather have tiny, primitive little minds and fight wars over stupid things. Like children on the playground, we throw fits when people have what we don't have instead of offering to share what we have in exchange for some of theirs! We get hung up on currency, instead of working with each other towards balance.

I know this is radical and inconceivable, but is what we're doing really any better? Think about the national debts that would be out of the red if their countries didn't have war to pay for. Think of the economies that would be boosted if travel went up instead of down because we see each other as a threat instead of neighbors? 'Love thy neighbor as thyself' is a good line to live by no matter what your religion.
If I have something you need, ask me and I'll give it to you. Then hopefully, in the future if you have something I need you'll do the same....
I guess I was just raised that way. Even if we didn't have much, my dad gave it to somebody if they needed it. He always said "If you give, you'll always have enough"...and we always did. That note of wisdom sounds fantastic to me, because having 'enough' is ENOUGH for me. People don't want 'enough' though. They want more than enough and they want to watch people die of starvation while they feast.

I'm not sure if I see hope for people, for some change or enlightenment. I don't know if we're capable of change. In a way, I admire the slogan of Hope&Change that Obama driveled during his entire race to the presidency. It's an honorable dream shredded by a dishonorable society.

If we weren't fighting a war over oil in another country, would we be drilling for it too deep to repair in our own?
If we didn't have a 'we're better than you' attitude (and you know we do) would other countries hate us so much? I mean, nobody likes the conceded jerk at the party. If people practiced more empathy and compassion, would we find better solutions to our problems than war?...just asking!

Will I make many of you upset, annoyed or even angry with the things I've just said??....with a very fitting quote I'll answer, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!" ;)

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