4/1 a poem...

Ode To Brown Chicken
Down to New Mexico we went
with absolutely no intent
of bringing home two baby chicks,
but when Leo asked I couldn't resist!

Everyone insisted they wouldn't last a week
so every morning with a lump in my throat, I'd go out and take a peek...
but there they were with the rabbits, growing bigger day by day
and never getting bored with Leo there to play.

Lovingly we named them White Chicken and Brown Chicken
and here we were with two more animals and mouths to feed again.
Friends, family and professionals said they'd never earn their keep,
but it wasn't long at all til we had at least 14 eggs a week!!

On a sunny spring day she ate and played
and one beautiful shade of brown egg she laid
Then she gave me a cluck, seeming fine before we left
and while we ran our errands, she laid down and took her last breath.

Apparently this is more than normal in the world of roosters and hens,
but now we had to tell Leo that he'd lost his friend.
The saddest part is with her sister never coming home
now miss White Chicken stands all alone.

She was a good chicken and laid beautiful, tasty eggs. She had plenty of sun/shade and food/water and seemed completely normal right up until she was already gone! Shocked, we found ourselves online researching what the heck happened and came to discover that this is NORMAL?! Crazy. Chickens are all but famous for dropping dead with no warning or reason and there's nothing that can prevent it. Autopsy's have been done with inconclusive results. If you've had this happen to your chickens, check out this site with tons of other people with the same crazy stories.

We loved your eggs and will miss you, Brown Chicken!

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