Where in the world is Tamara Dawn?

Well, since I never could figure out how to fit more hours into a day, I had to steal some 'Video Vednesday time' from yesterday and devote it to a self-taught lesson in web design! My photography website is now looking decent after much time spent banging my head against the computer...I'm still seeing little white boxes when I blink!! ;) I also have a family function this weekend, a three day community garage sale to prepare for, a little boy to get ready and packed for a trip with his grandparents...oh! and marathon to walk in on Saturday for a fundraiser:) Busy times, but I'll have interesting pictures to post and topics to talk about soon enough. For now, enjoy these 'Photo-Ops' I've been snapping
and of course check out my website @ http://www.newdawnphotobytamara.com/

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