4/2 FOX Friday...Anti-gay protesting at military funerals???????

Infuriated is all I can seem to be at a story like this. Listen folks, I'm not talking about whether being gay is right or wrong. This story is about our troops and their families. What I want to make clear that I DO think is wrong is the disgusting, distasteful and disrespectful protests led by Fred Phelps at military funerals. I'm absolutely ashamed to say he is a Baptist preacher, of all things! Somebody who's supposed to represent Christians, but leads rallies full of hate?
First of all, he and the crowd who follow him don't even protest at these funerals because of specific issues with the soldiers themselves. What I mean is, it would be a slightly different story if the soldiers were gay. Not acceptable, just slightly more comprehensible. THEY AREN'T!! These soldiers and their families and friends are paying, on 'America's behalf', for being a country that accepts homosexuality. We're apparently 'damned' because of it and in turn are directly responsible for the soldiers deaths....according to Phelps. These soldiers who have given their lives to our country so that people like Fred Phelps can completely disgrace and ruin their funerals and horrify and humiliate their families on their day of grieving and get away with it, because those soldiers protected their first amendment right to do so. Because of our military we have the right to speak and be heard. Unfortunately because of ignorance, what some of us have to say is not worth hearing.
I believe in God, I call myself a Christian and it saddens me that there are people basing their opinions of my religion on these displays and protests. Disrespecting somebody's funeral in such a disgusting manor is in no way acceptable, according to MY Bible and it certainly wouldn't seem appealing to any non-believers! Take your issues somewhere beneficial, take them to your government in a civilized way. Be proactive and present yourself with a kind, compassionate attitude. I've always found that by treating everybody the same, regardless of 'who' or 'what' they are, you can better achieve the kind of results you want.
What Fred Phelps does is repulsive and inexcusable. Enough said.

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