4/22 Mangiare Monday 'make-up'...what to bring to brunch?

Recently, it was my groups turn to provide brunch for all the ladies at MOPS meeting. My contribution was simple and last minute (as usual) I think we make it harder on ourselves than we need to when it comes to deciding what to bring to something like this or even what to serve in our own homes. Avoiding the ruts or your 'same ol' recipes is the first rule to making these decisions easier. If you run down a list of things you always make, they'll never sound exciting. However, deciding to replace one ingredient with something new or even more simply, just displaying the food in a different way can make it seem like something different and wonderful!
I didn't have a lot of time, so I picked an easy combination of foods and an old standard recipe.

If your going to take cut apples, make sure to cut them last minute or toss them in a bit of lemon juice so they won't turn brown. Strawberries should be cut if they are too large to eat in one bite.

I cheated a bit and went to Starbucks and bought a box of their classic coffee cake and sliced it into small slices. Delicious, trust me!
I mixed a regular jar of marshmallow cream with a regular size cream cheese and a bit of almond extract and voila!! So simple and EVERYONE loves it.
Take the time to place things nicely and use fun dishes instead of tupperware. Take things that will taste good even if they've cooled or sat for a little while. Don't take things that will wilt like waffles or french toast, etc. People are attracted to foods with color. Fresh foods and healthful foods are best, but people like to indulge so something slightly 'naughty' (like the coffee cake) keeps a smile on their faces too.
Hmmm...now I'm thinking about Starbucks...gotta go!! ;)

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